3 Twitter Tools To Unfollow People And Manage Your Twitter Account

Twitter is an awesome tool for marketers and content creators. It’s an incredibly valuable resource for linking up with influencers and others in your industry to collaborate and build relationships.

Having said that, Twitter is not without its flaws.

I’ll be totally honest with you. I don’t really enjoy using Twitter the way I do other social networks. The main reason is because over time your Twitter feed becomes so cluttered it becomes just a bunch of noise.

When I first started using Twitter 10 years ago back in 2008 I didn’t fully understand the platform (like most people) and my primary concern was gaining as many followers as possible. Back then if you followed someone they generally followed you back. So I followed everyone I could find that was relevant (and admittedly some that weren’t).

So I guess it would be fair to say I only have myself to blame for not enjoying my Twitter experience. The good news is that I’m taking steps to correct it.

Because of my ongoing Twitter cleanup efforts I wanted to share with you the tools I’ve discovered to help tame an out of control Twitter account.

Here are 3 awesome tools to help you mass unfollow people and better manage your Twitter account:

1. ManageFlitter

This is the first tool I started using to cull my Twitter account. It will analyze your Twitter feed and sort the people you follow into various groups.

What I mean by groups:

  • People you follow who don’t follow you back
  • Accounts you follow with no profile pic (usually a sign of a fake account)
  • Inactive users (people you follow who haven’t tweeted in 30+ days)
  • Spam or fake accounts
  • The most talkative people you follow (noisiest)
  • People you follow who don’t speak your language (tweeting in another language)

As you can tell this is super awesome and makes it very easy to decide who to unfollow. You can pick one of the groups such as people who don’t follow you back and unfollow all of them at once.

ManageFlitter is an all around great Twitter management tool. There is both a limited free version and very affordable paid tiers.

Here’s a promo video from them:

2. Circleboom

This tool is my favorite and the one I’m currently using. I recently upgraded to the paid version. Circleboom has many of the same features as ManageFlitter in regards to managing who you follow.

For me what makes this one a winner is the excellent dashboard, nice analytics and easy to understand layout. The user experience is just a bit more slick than ManageFlitter.

Circleboom really is a comprehensive Twitter management solution and it’s slightly cheaper (1$ less) than ManageFlitter. It also includes useful features like RSS feed connectivity for auto-tweeting.

3. CrowdFire

There is no denying that CrowdFire is a sweet tool. It looks very similar to Circleboom and has a lot of the same management features.

One thing CrowdFire offers that no one else on this list does is fully functional iOS and Android apps. If managing your Twitter account from your smartphone is important to you then this is your tool.

CrowdFire has the cheapest paid version on this list at only $4.99 a month.


No matter what your situation is it’s a good idea to use one of these tools to periodically clean up your Twitter account. You will find as I have that when you cut through the noise and drop all the dead weight Twitter becomes a lot more enjoyable to use.

My Twitter strategy now is to only follow people who I genuinely want to hear from and will provide value to my feed. This also helps me to better connect with influencers and build relationships because I’m only seeing the people I care about now.

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