3 Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress You Should Be Using

One of the best ways to rapidly get readers to your blog or website is through social media. You want to make your content as easy to share as possible. Fortunately, WordPress makes it very easy to make your content super shareable through all the social sharing plugins that are available. Here are 3 very good social sharing plugins that you should be using. I recommend trying each of them to see which one works best for you.

1. AddToAny

AddToAny is the social sharing plugin currently used on this site. It’s mobile responsive and allows you to share to any service or even add a custom service to share to. What I like about this plugin is the code is really lightweight and the buttons loads quickly. You can add a floating bar and put sharing icons above or below your content.

2. MashShare

MashShare is one of my favorite social sharing plugins. It was used on this site before I switched to AddToAny recently. I still use it on some other sites. This plugin was inspired by news blog Mashable. It’s got beautiful, bold sharing buttons that load faster than any sharing plugin I’ve used. It also shows the number of shares and views. This is an excellent plugin that i highly recommend. There are also some fantastic paid add-ons for this plugin.

3. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is one i’ve used many times in the past. It’s probably one of the most customizable sharing plugins for WordPress. You can customize your sharing buttons individually for above or below your content posts and pages. It also offers a nice selection of button styles.


When it comes to choosing the right social sharing plugin for WordPress it’s really a trial and error situation. Some sharing plugins will work better than others depending on what theme you’re using. Some might not function correctly and some might look funny. You should try different sharing plugins and see which one works best for your site. Test out the 3 listed here and if you don’t like any of them there are plenty more to choose from.

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