5 Tips For Social Media Marketers To Get More Engagement On Pinterest

Pinterest is frequently overlooked by social media marketers because of its reputation as just a place women and housewives trade recipes and outfit ideas. However, if you spend some time on Pinterest you’ll see it’s so much more than that. There’s actually a lot of very interesting and diverse content on Pinterest.

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It took me a long time to realize just how much traffic I was missing out on by not sharing all my content to Pinterest. I was sharing my posts there a few years ago but didn’t see any results so I just stopped.

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What I discovered years later after taking the time to research it was that I was just doing it wrong.

So for all you bloggers and social media marketers who have tried and failed to get any traction on Pinterest this post is for you.

Here are 5 tips for social media marketers to get more engagement on Pinterest:

1. Create Large Custom Images

You definitely want to create awesome looking images for your pins that will stand out. I recommend using a tool like Canva or Crello to make beautiful custom images.

The image at the top of this post was created using Crello.

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2. Create Multiple Pins

This is a really cool secret. Create a nice looking custom image for each pin as I mentioned above, but create more than 1!

Think of it like a form of A/B testing. Try out different colors and backgrounds for each graphic you make.

So for each article or piece of content you want to share, you would create 3 different pins each with a unique custom image. Then promote those pins and see which ones perform the best.

3. Verify Your Domain And Enable Rich Pins

Let Pinterest verify your domain. Once your domain is verified it will enable rich pins and your website name or username will be below all your pins. This will help with your engagement.

4. Use Keywords and Hashtags

This is a HUGE one. It’s absolutely critical that you add hashtags in the description box when you’re creating a pin. You should also add relevant keywords to your description and post titles. This will help people find your pins.

5. Post More Pins

Like most things in the digital marketing world success on Pinterest is a numbers game. You need to post as often as you can. The more you pin the more users you will reach. The more users you reach increases the chances of you getting re-pinned and followed.


In my opinion, Pinterest is not the easiest social media platform to use. I think it’s clunky and it just doesn’t come naturally to me. That said, the audience is simply too massive and the marketing opportunities too great not to use it.

After only 2 months of pinning every day, Pinterest is now the #4 source of traffic to this website. So I can tell you firsthand Pinterest is worth the effort.

I hope these 5 tips will help you to improve your marketing results on Pinterest.

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