5 Tools That Will Help You Make Killer Instagram Posts And Stories


When it comes to social media marketing there is no platform hotter right now than Instagram. It’s the fastest growing social network in the world with a staggering 1 billion monthly users!

With that many users it’s pretty obvious that your business needs to be on Instagram. If you really want to have your mind blown check out the Instagram statistics that Hootsuite put together. The marketing opportunities really are incredible.

Last month, I told you 4 easy steps to grow your Instagram followers. Today I want to share with you 5 tools that will help you make awesome Instagram posts and massively increase your engagement.

With so many brands already on Instagram these tools will give you an edge and make your Instagram posts and stories really stand out from the pack.

1. All Hashtag

Hashtags (#) are the lifeblood of Instagram. Knowing how to write good instagram captions along with the proper hashtags is crucial to your success.

All Hashtag is an excellent tool for figuring out what the best hashtags are for your post. You just type in words related to your brand and content and All Hashtag will generate the hashtags for you.

It also shows you the top trending hashtags at any given moment for each day, week or month. You should use this tool to analyze the popularity of hashtags and discover lesser known ones you might get more engagement with.

2. GIPHY Cam

I actually just started using GIPHY Cam 3 days ago. You really won’t grasp how much cool stuff you can do with this tool until you try it for yourself.

GIPHY Cam lets you create your own custom GIFs by recording content through the app. You can also import images or memes and then add awesome effects that will really make your post stand out.

GIF creation is not a native feature inside Instagram so this tool lets you go way above and beyond what is possible just using the Instagram app.

GIPHY Cam is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

3. Ask Lisa

If you can’t decide which pictures to share on Instagram all you have to do is Ask Lisa. This kind of technology is amazing. Ask Lisa uses artificial intelligence (AI) photo recognition and machine learning to choose your pictures.

You can ask her to choose between 2 or up to 5 photos. Ask Lisa will even generate hashtags to go with the picture.

4. Perfect Video

If you hate video editing and have neither the time nor the computing power to do it then you’ll love Perfect Video.

This app lets you go way beyond Instagam’s native video tools. With Perfect Video you can merge multiple videos, trim clips and add special effects.

Cool features:

  • Add watermarks
  • Add subtitles
  • Add transitions
  • Add music to your videos
  • Create slideshows

Perfect Video really is a feature packed video editing app for Instagram that anyone will find useful.

5. Storeo

Storeo is a really cool app that helps you enhance your Instagram stories. Instagram only lets you upload video clips for stories in 15-second intervals.

That means you have to manually edit long videos into 15-second pieces and then post them individually and in the right order to your story.

Storeo takes away all the complication and lets you post rich Instagram stories with ease. This app lets you record long videos and then it automatically cuts them into 15-second clips and uploads them to Instagram.

How awesome is that??

Then when your followers watch your story it plays as one long video in perfect order.

You definitely want to take advantage of the rich marketing opportunities that Instagram stories provide and not just focus on regular posts. Do both!


I cannot stress enough how powerful of a marketing platform Instagram has become. That also means you’re going to have some stiff competition getting your brand out there.

That’s why these tools are so valuable!

Taking advantage of these 5 tools  will give your brand an edge and make your posts really stand out from all the others. That will help boost your engagement (likes and comments) on each post and grow your followers faster.

Do you have a favorite tool I should know about? Tell me in the comments below. 

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