6 Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog More Successful

Are you tired of writing blog content that no one is reading? Have you ever wondered what the magic is that makes some bloggers popular and others not? Luckily, there’s nothing magical or supernatural about it. Great bloggers are at heart great storytellers. They engage readers in such a way that keeps them coming back for more.

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Let me share with you 6 blogging tips that will make your blog more successful.

1. Use A Conversational Style

You want your readers to feel like they’re having a conversation with you. You do this by writing with the words “you” and “I.” This will help your readers connect with your writing better and make them want to read more. It’s an important aspect of being a good blog storyteller.

2. Write Short Paragraphs

Avoid big blocks of text. Write short 5-6 line paragraphs. They will be easier for your readers to skim and will look good on mobile. A block block of text that doesn’t seem very big on desktop will look huge on a phone.

3. Write A Conclusion

Having a conclusion will let your readers know what the post is about and offer them a “bottom line” so to speak. Some readers actually scroll down and read the conclusion first and then read the rest of the post.

4. Use Pictures

You can really enhance your blog posts by using a great picture. Pictures can also be great for illustrating a point you’re trying to make. Sometimes a complicated subject matter can be explained better through an infographic.

5. Write Good Content

This should probably be the first one on this list. If your content stinks then the rest of the list doesn’t matter. Don’t write for search engines write for people. Write about something you are passionate about and provide value to your readers.

6. Make Your Content Shareable

You want your readers to share your posts on social media. It’s a great way for your posts to gain traction. So why make it hard? Make sure your posts are easy to share with clear social sharing buttons that work on any device.


There is no reason you can’t have a successful blog if you follow best practices and put in the work. I hope these 6 tips will help your blog to be more successful. Helping bloggers is truly a passion of mine so look around this site or click the blogging category and you’ll find lots of helpful tips.

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