6 Social Media Marketing Tips For Law Firms In 2018

The main purpose of marketing your law firm on social media or anywhere else is simple. You want to get more clients.

Whatever area of law your practice specializes in you want potential clients to think of your firm first when in need of legal services.

The problem is there are few professions in America with as much marketing competition online (and everywhere else) as lawyers.

One thing America doesn’t have is a shortage of lawyers.

According to Statista, there are approximately 1.34 million lawyers practicing in the United States in 2018. It’s safe to assume all of them want to be the first one potential clients think of when in need of legal services.

But while the competition is indeed stiff and all this may sound daunting, fear not because I have some good news…

Most law firms are terrible at social media marketing!

Let me share with you 6 social media marketing tips for your law firm that will make you stand out from the pack.

1. Figure Out Which Social Networks Have The Most Value

Your first step in formulating a social media marketing strategy for your law firm is to find out where your potential clients are. Facebook is a good idea for all law firms.

Social networks you should consider:

I don’t have LinkedIn recommended for all firms but really there’s no reason not to be on it. Pretty much any professional is on LinkedIn regardless of industry. It makes sense to have a professional profile for yourself and LinkedIn page for your firm.

Avvo is a huge one. I would assume if you’re an attorney you’ve heard of Avvo and hopefully already using it but if not — start now.

Avvo is a social network exclusively for the legal profession. It’s a great way for lawyers to build reputation and credibility. 97% of U.S. lawyers are rated by Avvo. Your Avvo rating as a lawyer is as important as a Yelp rating is for a restaurant. Think of it like the Yelp or Angie’s List for lawyers.

Potential clients use Avvo to check out lawyers in their area and see who has the highest ratings. It’s also a place for the average consumer to ask legal questions and any attorney that wishes can submit an answer.

Quora is somewhat similar to Avvo, but it’s for people to ask questions about anything. Experts from every profession including the legal one answer questions. This is just a good bonus site to further get your name out there and build a reputation. You can add links to your law firm and other social profiles on your Quora profile.

Instagram is not a must, but not many law firms are using it yet so this is a good opportunity to build your brand there.

2. Create Uniform Professional Profile Pages

Whatever social networks you decide to use make sure you create a complete and professional looking profile page. Your information needs to be uniform across all platforms. Don’t have missing info.

3. Share Content Using The 80/20 Rule

Once you have your social profiles up and running for your law firm it’s time to start sharing. It’s best to use the 80/20 rule when sharing content. You won’t build a following if all you talk about is yourself, your firm and what services you’re selling.

80% of your content should be things your audience and your profession would find interesting. Maybe a major law has recently changed in your area. Let your audience know about it. Post educational articles and videos related to the law.

The remaining 20% of your content can be about you and your firm. Selling.

A great example of a law firm that does it right when it comes to social media is The Urbanic Law Firm. The majority of their online content is super interesting and informative.

They often do live video streams on Facebook explaining laws and doing demonstrations.

Here’s a recent stream they did from Facebook that was then cross-posted to YouTube. Awesome content that was distributed across multiple platforms. This is what winning on social media looks like.

Check out their Facebook and YouTube pages to see what I mean.

4. Be Available To Engage With Potential Clients

You have a mobile phone. Make yourself available to engage with potential clients online. If someone asks you a question about your services try and engage with them in a timely fashion. It shows that you care and will make people feel good about hiring you.

Activate Facebook messenger on your Facebook page to allow people to ask questions and chat with you. Be sure to keep an eye on Twitter for people tweeting questions to you.

5. Monitor Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation

If someone says something about your law firm online you should know about it. It’s crucial that you respond to disgruntled or unhappy clients in a timely manner. It’s also equally important that you thank clients for the nice things they say about you.

You want to respond to online reviews both good and bad.

The best way to monitor review sites 24/7 for anything said about you is with a tool like MyWebBasics. If a review is left about you somewhere MyWebBasics will notify you via email so you can respond.

Bundled with the review management on MyWebBasics are managed directory listings. It will scan the web for every listing of your law firm and tell where there is broken or missing information. It’s a pretty nice suite of tools.

Places to keep an eye on for reviews:

  • Google My Business Reviews
  • Yelp
  • Avvo
  • Facebook

6. Monitor The Competition

It’s always a good idea to keep track of what competing law firms in your area are doing online.

Remember when I said most law firms are terrible at social media?

If you monitor what your competition is doing you can see their weak points and step in. They may have a bunch of potential clients who have asked questions online that went unanswered. Step in and answer them.

The potential for you to out hustle and out maneuver your competition online in the social media sphere is huge. This is how you beat the firms with huge marketing budgets, giant billboards and tacky TV commercials.

Social media marketing is about building relationships and interacting with your audience.

A good way to monitor what is being said about competing law firms is by using a social listening tool. These are also useful for monitoring online chatter about your own brand.

Social listening tools I like:


Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs provide a fast and cheap way to keep in touch with clients and prospects, keep an eye of competitors, and keep up-to-date with industry trends.

Social media marketing if done right can be the most effective kind of marketing you ever do for your law firm. If you follow these 6 social media marketing tips for your law firm you will have a strong and lucrative online presence that will crush your competition.

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