What Are Coming Soon Pages And Why Your Site Should Start With One

Millions of websites get created every day with great planning and vision. It’s the execution part that can take some time. So why not hit the ground running with a nice “Coming Soon” page letting people know greatness is on the way.

Instead of leaving your future website naked, unstructured and lacking in content, it’s much better to post a coming soon page to let visitors know about your website launch date and your product. This applies to every business and even personal websites or blogs.

Generally, I make sure every new website I create for myself or my clients, has a coming soon page as the landing page. This helps me to interact with them through emails while I’m choosing a WordPress theme.

Just as in the physical world, credibility matters online too. Your website is going to be the face of your brand and people are more likely to trust someone they know more about.

What are Coming Soon Pages?

Web pages that are intended to welcome visitors to your newly created website are called coming soon pages. Ideally, it will also allow you to communicate with visitors while your site is under construction. In other words, it’s like a fancy landing page that’s a placeholder until your site goes live.

Generally, simple coming soon pages can be created if you have some basic coding knowledge. However, if your website is on an awesome CMS like WordPress all you have to do is download a free coming soon plugin.

Why Your Website Needs A Coming Soon Page

There could be many scenarios where you can’t make your website live right away. For instance, if you and your team are working on a new venture that could take weeks or months before the final product can be launched.

In such a case, it would be an ideal decision to create a coming soon page as your landing page so that visitors will be informed about the launch date.

Although there are many advantages of having a coming soon page for your website, let’s discuss a few of them below.

Start Collecting Emails

Having a good number of Email Subscribers is one of the best ways to bring an increase in the sales and grow your business.

Why wait when you can start collecting emails from prospective customers from the very first day even while your website is under construction.

You can make casual visitors into returning visitors by creating awareness of your brand even before it launches.

Then when the moment is right and you finally take your fancy new website live, you will already have some customers in the bucket.

So make sure you have an email subscription form on your coming soon page to start collecting emails  and help get you engaged with them. And the good thing about using a plugin is that you won’t have to install additional email-related plugins to get this.

Pre-Marketing Strategy

Even though you’re website is not ready, you can still be marketing it effectively. A catchy looking Coming Soon page will prompt people to learn more about your brand.

So don’t lose the opportunity to connect with them by putting some substance on your coming soon page.

Giveaways, freebies and contests are all great ways to get people and engaged and coming back. The goal is to use your coming soon page to create buzz for your brand while the site is still under construction.

A small investment in a Coming Soon WordPress Plugin could make all the difference in starting your business out on the right foot.

Better Branding Means A Lot

It’s important that your coming soon page reflect your brand accurately. Even if the website is not complete having a well-designed logo that speaks to the company vision will help your branding.

Similarly having a detailed about us page tends to increase the credibility and trust factor amongst your visitors. The message you are trying to convey needs to be clear and concise.

Moreover, if your visitors are interested in what you have to offer, they would probably be willing to sign up for an email newsletter if you have a form on there.

You can also give visitors the chance to connect with your brand on social media if you put buttons for your profiles on the coming soon page.

What To Look For On A Coming Soon Page

There’s a few things you need to look at before choosing for a coming soon page:

  • Make sure you can create more pages like about, contact etc.
  • The ability to embed video on the landing page
  • Social Media Buttons to help them connect.
  • Email Subscription Form
  • It should have a countdown timer to build buzz about website launch date.
  • Pre-made templates and other designed sections.
  • And more

Video On The Coming Soon Page

Video Marketing is at its peak, people prefer to watch videos more than reading content. It’s a good idea for every brand these days to create at least a few videos.

Your coming soon page is a great place to hit your visitors with a great video explaining your brand. This will also create an opportunity to gain subscribers to your brand’s YouTube channel.

Wrapping up

Online business is all about connecting with people and making an impact. A compelling and engaging Coming Soon page is a great way to start growing your business early. Why let visitors to your site leave too quickly when you can educate them about your brand.

The bottom line is there’s literally no reason for you not to have a coming soon page. It can only be an asset to your business and brand.

Remember, your website is going to be the face of your brand. Don’t screw it up.

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