How Car Salesmen Should Be Using Facebook To Sell More Cars

If you’re a car salesman chances are you’re always looking for an edge to sell more cars. The days of being able to stand out in front of the dealership and wait for someone to walk up are largely over. The Internet has changed the way people buy cars and usually by the time someone rolls up to the dealership they’ve already done quite a bit of research online and know what they’re coming to see.

You may be asking yourself what the heck does some blogger know about the car business and why should I listen to him? The answer is I know lot because I used to do it. I was a car salesman about a year ago and Facebook was my primary tool for getting customers. Let me share with you what I did and how I did it.

1. Create A Facebook Page

Don’t just rely on your Facebook profile. Create a unique Facebook page for selling cars. Call it something like [Your Name] At [Insert Name of dealership]. Then take good pictures using your phone of all the cars you can and write good descriptions and post them to that page. Sometimes I would post the price of the car, but usually I would post the down payment amount and be clear that it was WAP (with approved credit). If you’re selling at a in-house financing dealership then that may not be relevant.

2. Use Facebook Groups

This is the most important thing you can do. You will be amazed at how many local automotive Facebook groups there are. They are usually called “[Name of city] Cars Buy and sell” or “[Name of City] Cars for Sale” and other variations. Just do a search for groups in your area related to cars and trucks. Be careful when you join a group to read the rules for the group. Some groups will only allow individuals to post privately owned cars for sale and not from a dealership.

3. Use Facebook Messenger

You will start getting messages from people right away when you start posting on a regular basis. Use Facebook Messenger to respond to potential customers in real-time. It’s a numbers game so you want to post as many cars as you can. Once you have a decent inventory posted (50-100 cars) you’ll get pretty consistent interest and responses. My goal was always to get people to come into the dealership and see me face to face, not try and sell it to them over Facebook.

4. It’s A Numbers Game

I’m not gonna blow smoke at you. Facebook is not a silver bullet for selling more cars but I can tell you it will give you a huge advantage over those not doing it. You will get a fair number of people messaging you about a car who have no money or bad credit, etc. You will have to weed through the all the noise to find the serious buyers. It’s a numbers game just like anything else in sales. Keep posting and keep responding and you’ll make some sales.

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