Social Media Tips: How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts


Today I want to answer a question for everyone that I get asked all the time. How do you successfully manage multiple social media accounts for clients?

With so many social networks out there and so many content requirements for each platform it’s not surprising that question keeps coming up.

Just managing your own social media can feel like a full time job let alone managing it for a dozen clients as well. It doesn’t take long before you feel like you might be losing your sanity.

That’s why today I’m going to share with you some tips on how to manage multiple social media accounts for clients.

It’s All About The Tools

I absolutely love trying out new online tools. If there’s a chance that some new tool is going to make any aspect of my marketing easier and more effective I’m all ears.

The truth is it’s not possible to effectively manage multiple social media accounts for clients without relying on some social media tools. There is just too much to keep organized and it’s too time consuming otherwise.

The tools I use:

  • Sprout Social – For overall management for all clients
  • Buffer – scheduling and sharing
  • MeetEdgar – Scheduling and sharing repeatedly over time
  • Crello – For creating custom social media graphics

Sprout Social is the best overall social media management platform in my opinion. I use to stay organized, client reporting and content curation.

To learn more about Sprout Social and all the things it can do read my review.

Buffer is the tool I use on the fly when I come across something I want to share across multiple platforms either immediately or at a later date. I use have the Buffer extension installed in Chrome so that I can just right click to share something to Buffer.

MeetEdgar is my favorite tool right now. What really sets MeedEdgar apart from the other social media management tools is that it shares your stuff over time.

With Buffer when you share something it goes out one time and that’s it. With MeetEdgar you build a library of content that is dripped out over and over again over time. That is the key to building a big audience with good engagement. Most people are not going to see something you tweet out once.

For more details about MeetEdgar read my comprehensive review.

Crello is an awesome tool for creating all kinds of images for social media. It has pre-formatted templates for whatever platform you’re posting to. It’s very similar to Canva which I also use, but I just prefer Crello.

Using stock imagery for everything is played out. You will get more engagement and traction with your posts if you create custom images either on your own or with a tool like Crello.

Stay Organized

It’s impossible to manage a social media for a bunch of clients if you don’t stay organized. Put together a content calendar for each one to stay on top of things.

That’s the reason I use Sprout Social. It lets you easily keep track of all things you have going on for social with each client. It also makes my client reporting a breeze. I can generate beautiful and detailed reports for each client.


It may seem daunting at first to manage social media for more than a handful of clients. It is a lot at first, but once you get your system down by taking advantage of all the great tools out there it’s not very difficult. In fact, you will probably laugh later when you remember thinking it seemed like an impossible task.

So the bottom line is this. Stay organized and use the tools that are available and you should be able to manage as many clients as you want.

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