Neil Patel: Don’t Rely On A Single Source Of Traffic To Your Website

I saw this video today from marketing guru, Neil Patel, and I wanted to share it. Neil talks about the need to protect yourself from traffic drops due to algorithm changes and other things that are out of your control.

This is a very important tip. Just because you’re getting a ton of traffic from a particular source doesn’t mean you can sit back and get complacent.

All that can change overnight and without warning. It happens all the time.

You should never stop marketing your business on as many platforms as makes sense. If you’re crushing it on Facebook right now then you should be hammering Pinterest or Twitter.

You want as many traffic sources coming in at all times as possible. That way when there’s an algorithm change on one source and your traffic dips, it’s no big deal because you’ll just make up for it with all the other traffic coming in.

Neil also makes the point that you shouldn’t just rely on all the big name platforms for your traffic. Find lesser known social sites and share your content there as well.

Here’s two posts I did a while back that list some lesser known sites you should be on:

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Here’s what Neil Patel had to say:

For more insights from Neil check out his YouTube channel and blog.

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