Neil Patel: WordPress Mistakes To Avoid For New Websites


I came across a new video from Neil Patel today and wanted to share it with you. It’s about a subject that is near and dear to my heart  as anyone who reads this website knows. That subject is WordPress and the mistakes a lot of people make with a new WordPress website.

WordPress is an awesome platform. You can do pretty much anything with it and create some of the most beautiful sites imaginable. That can also be a real problem for some people.

Don’t get super hung up on making your site look amazing and have incredible functionality when you’re just starting out. None of that matters.

What you need to worry about first and foremost is getting traffic to your new WordPress site.

The way you get traffic is by creating amazing content.

Content is king.

Focus on making great content and sharing it across social media and elsewhere. Once you get some steady traffic flow then worry about adding new plugins or upgrading to a fancier theme.

Here’s Neil:

Be sure to check out Neil’s YouTube page for more great tips.

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