Social Media Management Tools: A Review of MeetEdgar

As anyone who reads this site on a regular basis knows, I love to try out new tools and apps for social media marketing. I’m always on the lookout for things that will make my social media marketing better and more efficient.

When you’re involved with social media at a professional level there’s just no way to be successful without some kind of social media management platform to keep everything organized.

I wrote a post a few weeks back reviewing some of the major social media management platforms out there.

One tool I didn’t mention in that post that I keep hearing about is called MeetEdgar. I’ve heard so many good things I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been using MeetEdgar every single day for the last month. I want to share with you my thoughts on it and you can see if it’s right for you.

First Impressions

The reason I hadn’t previously tried MeetEdgar is because I thought it was just another social scheduling tool and I have plenty of those.

I already use Sprout Social and Buffer so I thought why do I need to bother with another tool that does the same thing, right? Wrong.

After using MeetEdgar it became apparent pretty quickly that it’s a unique product with features that are not found elsewhere.

The most useful and unique feature of MeetEdgar is the ability to load content for sharing once and then be able to recycle that content on whatever schedule you see fit.

MeetEdgar only works with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so if you require a tool that will share to Google+, Instagram, etc. then you may not want to pay for this additional tool.

However, the team at MeetEdgar told me integration with Instagram and Pinterest will be coming very soon.

For me, the value I get from using MeetEdgar for automated sharing on the 3 major platforms makes it worthwhile.

The Content Library

The content library feature in MeetEdgar is one of the things that really makes this tool stand out. In fact, it’s quite awesome when you actually start using it and realize how it works.

Unlike similar social sharing tools like Buffer or HootSuite, MeetEdgar has a content library that you fill with whatever content you want to share and it stays there.

It allows you to categorize the content to keep it organized. The way I’ve been using it is to have a category called “My Blog Posts” for all the content I’m sharing from this site. Then I have categories like “Blogging” and “Social Media” for related content from other sites.

It lets you pull in feeds from anywhere and put that content into a designated category and you can decide which social networks you want it to be shared on.

There is also a category called “Random” which randomly pulls posts from all your categories and shares them according to the parameters you set.

So throughout the day MeetEdgar automatically shares original content from this site and content from other sites using the feeds I added in the library.

Even when the content library was explained to me by the MeetEdgar team and hearing about it from other people, it still didn’t really hit home how amazing and useful it is until I actually started using it.

Post Variations

The ability to auto-generate variations of your posts inside the content library is one of the coolest and most unique features of MeetEdgar.

All the content in your library on MeetEdgar can be recycled using different variations. You simply click the button that says “Auto-generate variations” and MeetEdgar will create several unique versions of the post that you can edit or use as is.

Here’s an original post pulled from this website that MeetEdgar is sharing. Note the blue auto-generate button at the bottom:

Here are the different variations MeetEdgar created when I clicked the button:

Then you simply delete the variations you don’t like or edit them and hit save. MeetEdgar will then begin sharing the different variations and will show you which of them performed the best.

How awesome is that?

At any time you can set any of the variations to expire or keep them all running. Everything is customizable.

Content Recycling

This is probably the most prominent feature of MeetEdgar that sets it apart from all other social sharing and management tools.

Like MeetEdgar, most of the other tools like Buffer or Hootsuite will let you import RSS feeds so you can autopost to your platforms.

What’s different about MeetEdgar is that the content doesn’t disappear after it’s shared. It’s not “one and done” so to speak.

The content library can store the content that performs well and will continuously share it with your audience based on the schedule you set.

Think about it. When you spend hours writing an awesome blog post packed with tons of value you want everyone to see it right?

But each time you tweet out a link to that post only a fraction of your audience will see it. You need to keep putting it out there at different times so that more people will see it.

When you have a lot of awesome posts it’s impossible to remember or have the time to keep reposting links to all of them.

MeetEdgar will do it for you.

It will share it again and again on whatever platform you tell it to and whatever schedule you set.

If you add in the post variations mentioned above it’s even more powerful because you can send different versions of the same post and see which ones perform the best.


$49 per month

what you get:

  • 25 social media accounts
  • Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and company pages)
  • Unlimited content library
  • Setup assistance and support + social media strategy call

The Bottom Line

As I mentioned earlier, if you already use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer you will probably cast a skeptical eye on MeetEdgar. I did.

Even after the features are explained to you (or after reading this review) you may still not be convinced.

I recommend you reserve judgement until you actually use MeetEdgar for a little while. The power of this tool didn’t fully sink in until I had been using it for about a week. Then I had moments of “oh, that’s what they meant when they said it could do so and so!

The other thing that got my attention was the increase in engagement I’ve seen over the past few weeks using Edgar. On Twitter in particular, I’m getting more retweets and gaining new followers at a noticeably faster rate.

You can see how your posts are performing in MeetEdgar with their built in analytics. They also send a very useful weekly email showing how your content is performing and what your stats look like.

The bottom line is that I would definitely recommend MeetEdgar to serious social media marketers. It’s absolutely a very unique and very impressive product even if it doesn’t appear to be at first blush.

Give MeetEdgar a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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