How To Use Twitter Moments To Market Your Small Business On Twitter

Figuring out how to use Twitter to increase your brand’s visibility can be daunting. Twitter Moments is a quick, fun way to reach your audience and build online presence.

Twitter has long been an established marketing tool for small business owners. Hardly surprising when you think that 54% of global users reported that they had visited a brand’s website or retweeted its content after seeing that brand on Twitter. With around 330 million global users, that’s a lot of potential brand engagement going on.

The benefits aren’t just limited to big-name brands. Twitter is a vital marketing channel for small businesses too: 69% of the people who follow SMEs on the social network say they’ve already purchased from the company because of something they saw on Twitter.

That said, figuring out how to use Twitter to market your small business can seem like a tough nut to crack. The competition for airtime on the network is, to put it mildly, fierce. Every day, 500 million tweets are sent out worldwide. How can you avoid getting lost in the noise?

It takes a little imagination, but standing out from the crowd is not impossible for small businesses on Twitter. Can we get a moment of appreciation for… Twitter Moments.

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Say Hello To Twitter Moments

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey introduced Moments in 2015, probably to keep up with the storytelling potential of competitors like Instagram or Facebook Stories.

Moments allows you to group selected tweets from across the Twitterverse together in a kind of snapshot made up of GIFs, videos, images and tweets. Moments range from funny and sweet, like this Moment of dogs frolicking in the snow, to cultural commentary on the movie Black Panther.

This is all great, not to say addictive. But how can you use a Twitter Moment help market your business?

 Use Twitter hashtags + Moments For Double The Benefits

 You might already be using hashtags to create mini-movements among Twitter followers, or to unite them in a campaign. When used right, hashtags can create a lot of noise for a brand on Twitter – KFC and Coke have managed to get brand-related hashtags into Twitter’s Trending Topics repeatedly, making them into official cultural phenomena for Millennials.

Your business’s hashtags might not be so cosmic. But it’s still worth thinking about how to use Twitter hashtags and Moments together. One of the simplest ways to get started is to collect together all the tweets with your brand hashtag into a Moment and let users tell your brand story in their own words.

Here’s a powerful example from Asos, who designed clothes for wheelchair users then created a Twitter Moment around the hugely positive reactions. This amplified the impact of the campaign and strengthened Asos’ brand identity, which is built around diversity and empowerment.

Create Influencer Moments To Increase Engagement

Engaging with influencers is one of the single best ways to grow your Twitter presence. But it takes a lot more effort than shooting a simple #FollowFriday at the biggest influencers in your sector and hoping for the best. Creating a Moment containing all your brand’s influencer engagements that week is much more effective.

To do this, you have to know who your influencers are. This can be time-consuming in itself. Using a social media management tool such as will help you identify influencers faster.

The tool recommends new “leads”, or relevant influencers, to follow every day. It also segments influencers into a separate group in the dashboard and recommends ideal tweets to send to your influencers on a daily basis.

Auto-suggestions for influencers that include things like #ShoutOutWednesday or #HappyMonday tweets makes it easier to start building a relationship organically without investing hours every day.

Once you’ve got a good number of relevant influencers identified, engage them around a topic that’s relevant for both you and them. Then create a Moment around that topic, and feature the influencer’s tweet front and center.

For example, Twitter created this Moment around influencer Kylie Jenner and her breakfast routine. It seems kind of dumb but it’s a great example of Twitter using celebrity engagement to boost their own brand among normal users.

Maybe you don’t have Kylie Jenner tweeting your small business on the regular. But it’s not hard to get industry or sector influencers engaged with your business by tweeting them a question. Once you’ve created a Moment around that engagement, remember to promote it back to your influencers, and to your wider Twitter audience.

Use Twitter Moments For Event Promotion

If your business is involved in any sort of event, from a free meet-up to an international conference, Twitter Moments is a great way to shout about it.

Hype the event beforehand by creating a Moment based on the topic. Doing a talk on entrepreneurship, for example? Create a Moment about that topic and promote it to your followers to increase engagement and interest.

Twitter Moments are 100% embeddable – try including your best Moments in email campaigns around the event. Creating momentum and buzz around the event will be easier.

On the day of the event collect all the tweets that went out, put them in a Moment and send it to attendees. You’ll be building loyalty by making them part of the event story, and your brand story in general.

Turn Moments Into TOFU Content

As any content marketer will tell you, top of funnel (TOFU) content is the key to driving sizeable quantities of organic traffic to your business’s website. The best TOFU content appeals to large numbers of people and attracts clicks – you might be producing TOFU content on your company blog right now.

TOFU content is great, but it can be time-consuming to produce, especially for small business owners. That’s why it’s imperative to find quick ways of recycling other material into attractive content.

Twitter Moments can help you out. Consider creating a blog post of your brand’s Best Twitter Moments throughout the year, or producing a monthly Moments round-up on a relevant topic. This can be a great traffic driver – check out this traffic-driving example from Cracked.

@TwitterMoments is a great way to keep up with the best Moments across social network. It’s also a fun way to waste 5 (or 10!) minutes of your day.

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How To Use Twitter Moments – Creating Your First Moment Step-by-step

It’s fast and simple to create a Moment for your brand’s Twitter account.

Step 1 – Go to your small business’s Twitter dashboard and click the Moments tab in the top bar.

Step 2 – Once you’ve clicked you’ll see all the day’s Twitter Moments. Try not to get distracted! Look top left and you’ll see a ‘Create new Moment button’. Click it.

Step 3 – You’ll be taken to a placeholder screen and asked to title your Moment and describe it. Hold off on adding the cover image for a second.

Step 4 – Scroll down and Add Tweets to your Moment. You can choose to add tweets by Tweets I’ve liked, Tweets by account, Tweet link, and Tweet search.

Tweets I’ve Liked makes sense if you’re creating a round-up of your business’s week on Twitter; Tweet Search is good if you want to make a Moment out of an event, like Hurricane Florence.

Add the tweets that appear by clicking the checkmark to their right. My example shows a Moment based around the Learn Inbound marketing conference 2018.

Step 4 – Once you’re done adding tweets, scroll back up to Set Cover. You can choose a cover image from one of the selected tweets, or upload an image of your choice. Click Save. If you want to change the cover image just hover over it and a Change Cover Image option will appear.

Step 5 – Set the order of the Moment’s tweets by clicking the Up and Down buttons on the right of the screen. You can also Delete and Crop any tweets that aren’t working.

Step 6 – When you’re ready hit the Publish button. Or if you need time to mull the Moment over, you can Finish Later

How To Use Twitter Moments To Market Your Business – Conclusion

 Getting your business noticed on Twitter takes time and imagination. But it’s far from impossible!

Twitter Moments could give your business the boost in visibility you’re looking for, and without a significant time investment. You might just find yourself standing out from those 500 million tweets per day!

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Cassandra Naji is a Barcelona-based content marketer unashamedly obsessed with SEO and social media. Right now she’s working with social media management tool to make great content.

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